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OpenSourcing Yourself
Slashdot.org のネタ。

Many people love and use open source software. Open source has made an impact in just about every place imaginable; education, hardware, coke, beer, cell phones, pharmaceuticals, search engines and encyclopedias. However, OpenHuman takes it one step further and invites you to open source yourself to experiment with the open human idea. This may sound crazy and rife with privacy concerns but as the author asks, do you still believe in Internet privacy in the age of blogs, MySpace, LinkedIn, Meetup, and Flickr?

(Slashdot | OpenSourcing Yourself, Are You Ready?)

 こういう問題提起は好き (というか、そのとおりだと思ってる) んだけど、ついてるコメントに笑った。いわく、

So is MS a privacy advocate and the open source movement a privacy opponent?

by kazuhooku | 2006-11-07 11:11 | 雑想
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