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Novell の弁明
 MSとNovellの提携について - mhatta のジャーナルにも触れられている GPL 違反の疑いについて Novell の見解が出たということで見てみた。

Q1. How is this agreement compatible with Novell's obligations under Section 7 of the GPL?

Our agreement with Microsoft is focused on our customers, and does not include a patent license or covenant not to sue from Microsoft to Novell (or, for that matter, from Novell to Microsoft). Novell's customers receive a covenant not to sue directly from Microsoft. We have not agreed with Microsoft to any condition that would contradict the conditions of the GPL and we are in full compliance.

Novell's end user customers receive a covenant not to sue directly from Microsoft for their use of Novell products and services, but these activities are outside the scope of the GPL.

(Novell and Microsoft Agreement - Frequently Asked Questions)

 つまり、GPL と矛盾するライセンスを受けるのはユーザーであって Novell ではないから、 Novell の再配布権は失われない、という主張なのか。


by kazuhooku | 2006-11-09 11:16 | GNU
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